Specialization Toys or Sus Loa of Death


System for generating navigation meshes in our own editor, Gråtredigeraren. Takes input of geometry in the scene and spits out a navmesh based on parameters set by the accompanying tool.

  • Mesh Voxelization
  • Voxel filtering
  • Outline- and refinement algorithms
  • Triangulation algorithms
  • Dear ImGui tool
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    Toys or Sus

    First person perspective online multiplayer game with up to 16 players, inspired by Among Us, created in our DirectX11 3D engine, Gråtmotorn.

  • Navmesh creation
  • Data oriented Behavior Tree
  • AI Steering
  • AI Locomotion
  • FPP character controller
  • Minigames and 'Vents'
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    Loa Of Death

    A third person dungeon crawler, loosely inspired by Diablo III, once again created in Gråtmotorn.

  • Enemy behavior and AI
  • In-game enemy editing tool
  • animation blending
  • Animation controller system
  • Scripted events
  • In-game scripted event creation tool
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